Beholdings: Fourteen Introductions to the History Around Us


Objects have a story to tell. Landscapes can be more than meets the eye.


Welcome to the web portal for Beholdings: Fourteen Introductions to the History around Us!


Click on the images below or scan the QR codes in the exhibit to learn more about the objects and landscapes featured in this exhibit. You will find author interviews, links to additional information, and directions to locations where you can learn more about the featured items. We hope you’ll venture to the Seal Cove Auto Museum to see the 1913 Peugeot, hike to Compass Harbor to stand on the foundation of George Dorr’s estate, Oldfarm; or hop on the ferry to investigate the history of Great Cranberry Island. Objects gain meaning through our engagement with them. Whatever adventures await you, use #beholdingMDI to share your experiences and supplement our presentation of these unique objects.

Articles about each object are also available in our 2018 edition of Chebacco Magazine, copies are available in the exhibit and are also available for purchase for $20.  Click here to read Chebacco 2018 articles online

We are pleased to introduce you to each object’s story and invite you to explore each one further using the materials provided in the exhibit and web portal.




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