Cottages of Mount Desert Island

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(updated 11 May 2014)


to the Cottages of Mount Desert Island home page, part of the Mount Desert Island Cultural History Project.

Purpose of this web page:

The purpose of this web page is to present information about Mount Desert Island’s named cottages. If little is known about a cottage, it will be reported below. If a picture becomes available or when substantially more information is learned, a separate web page will be created for that cottage and a link will be provided below. Much of the information below comes from Lost Bar Harbor by G. W. Helfrich and Gladys O’Neil, Bar Harbor: A Town Almost Lost by Deborah M. Dyer, microfilm and online copies of early newspapers of Mount Desert Island, and notebooks in the Bar Harbor Historical Society. Owners of record in 1904 are from maps “compiled from Atlas of Bar Harbor & Vicinity published by Summer Residents Association”.

How to contribute:

All information (including images) should be mailed to MDI Cottages, c/o Mount Desert Island Historical Society; P. O. Box 653; Mount Desert, ME 04660.

Click on the name of the town you are interested in, or scroll down to see information for all the towns on Mount Desert Island.

Bar Harbor Cottages

Mount Desert Cottages

Southwest HarborĀ Cottages

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