Purpose of this project: The purpose of this project is to present information about Mount Desert Island’s cultural history (subject to the limitation described below) that will be of use to visitors as well as to serious researchers and students of history. Topics to be covered by this project are listed below, and links are provided for subjects about which research is underway. It is hoped that the web pages of this project will become as rich a storehouse of information and images as are the historical societies, libraries, and private collections that can be experienced only by visits to those sources.

Limitation of this project: This project is currently limited to the cultural history of the primarily European visitors to and settlers on Mount Desert Island, and their successors, that is, those who displaced the earlier Native American visitors and inhabitants. It is an attempt to describe the lives and activities of those who claimed ownership of the land and subsequently made Mount Desert Island their home.

How to contribute: If you have any material that can be scanned or photographed, please e-mail leah.lucey@mdihistory.org, call 207-276-0323, or write to MDI Cultural History Project, c/o Mount Desert Island Historical Society, P. O. Box 653; Mount Desert, ME 04660. Also, your comments and suggestions for additional topics are encouraged.

The Cultural History Project was designed, researched, and written by Thomas Vinning.

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