Her Island History: 100 Years of Tenacious Island Women

Ada Hatch describes her beloved grandmother, Ada Adelle Hodkins Higgins, known widely as “Aunt Ade,” a stalwart member of Chuch of Our Father in Hulls Cove.

Oral History:


Oral History Transcription:

Frank Gray (FG) and Ada Hatch (AH) interview with Tim Garrity (TFG), October 16, 2019

This transcript has been edited to make it more concise.

TFG — This is Timothy Garrity on October 16, 2019, and I am conducting this history harvest with Frank Gray and Ada Hatch. We are looking at early days photographs of Frank. Frank, can you tell me what we’re looking at and what memories they spark for you?

TFG – Ada, can you tell us a story from your childhood?

AH – My mother died when I was an infant and my father married again and we moved up to the Airline in Amherst and went to grammar school. My younger sister, Connie Jellison and brothers, we came down here and worked our board and room to go to high school. A lot of the kids from the Airline they went to Higgins Classical Institute though went us to Lee Academy and places like that or up to Brewer-Bangor. At that time we didn’t have busses.

TFG – OK, so you came to Bar Harbor High School? What year did you come to Bar Harbor High School?

AH – In ’43. My mother was a Higgins so I would come back to visit my relatives and my grandmother in Hulls Cove, right near the church. That’s how I became acquainted with the Church of Our Father. I was baptized there as a baby but when I was married I went to the other church and Grammy kept me near the wall. At that time there was no wood along the wall it was stone. It’s hard to think of it now as being that gray stone. She kept me in the corner so I couldn’t escape. But nobody wanted to escape from my grandmother anyway.

TFG – Why? Tell me about her.

AH – She was very loving and she would tell us things that we should and shouldn’t do, and so forth. It was like, when you were with Grammy you went to church. She went and they had breakfast and stay for the later service too. We didn’t procrastinate in those days and say, “I don’t wanna go!”

TFG – What was her name?

AH – Ada Higgins

FG – And, to prove what she said about her grandmother being loved by everybody, she was known throughout the village and far and wide as “Aunt Ade.”

AH – And I never wanted to be called Aunt Ade.

My older sisters lived here then and they went to school at Hull’s Cove Grammar School. You probably already have something on that school down there.