History Harvest

Make your family’s story part of the Island’s history. 

History Harvest is a collaborative, community-based project aimed at producing a digital history of Mount Desert Island generated for and by the people of Mount Desert Island.

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If you are interested in participating in a History Harvest, contact Leah Lucey at leah.lucey@mdihistory.org or at 276-9323 to make an appointment.

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Thumbnail:Collection:Location:Date RangeSubjectMediaTags
Hays CollectionNortheast Harbor1938, 1953, and early 1960sFamilyPhotographsummer, swimming
Hewlett CollectionTown Hill1986ChildrenPhotographplayground, games
Horton CollectionBar Harbor1929TechnologyAtwater Kent Type 46 Radioradio, sonogee
Joyal CollectionSeal Harbor1924FamilyPhotograph
Kennedy CollectionNortheast Harbor1945-1950ChildrenPhotographswimming, yacht club
Little CollectionSomesville1989PoliticsPhotographgeorge mitchell, maine, senator
Leighton CollectionHancock1884TravelTicket Stub
Pancoe CollectionFrench Canada, Great Lakes, New England1719TravelMapillustration
Wheeler CollectionSomesville2000ChildrenPhotographkite, games
Conners Emerson School Student CollectionsBar Harbor1880-1940FamilyMisc.
Reiber CollectionSeal Cove1900TravelShell Valentinenaval history, south pacific, valentine, sailor
Horner CollectionNortheast Harbor1859 - 1911FamilyPhotograph, oil paintingshipbuilding, naval history, captain, deasy, babson
Cline CollectionManset1914 - 1931FamilyMap, photographsummer, illustration, lgbtq, cottage
Rothe CollectionNortheast Harbor1906-1912FamilyPhotographmount desert nursery, horticulture, family, gardens
De Cheubell CollectionBar Harbor2001TechnologyWheeltrebuchet, medieval, siege engine society, creative anachronism, pumpkins
Pierce CollectionSeal Harbor1976FamilyPhotograph, oil pastelgarden, sunken, harbor brook, foundation, farm
Juretschke CollectionPretty Marsh1914 - 1938Family, ScienceWood sculpture, lampshadephysics, refugee, nazi germany, emigration, science