Volume XVII

Contents of this issue:

The Center of Our Stories
by Virginia Mellen

The History Trust
by Bill Horner, MD

An Island Landscape Gardening Culture: The Legacy of Nurserymen from 1888 to 1939
by Betsy Hewlett

The Shatter Zone: A Physical Borderland from 420 Million Years Ago to Present and Conceptual Borderland from 1837 to Present
by Duane Braun

Immigrants in the Borderland, 1880-1920
by Tim Garrity

Eliot, Borderlands, and Historiography
by Paige Melin

The Coast Walk
by Jennifer Steen Booher

Unsettled Mount Desert Island
by John Gillis

Mount Desert Island’s Diverse Working Waterfront
by Natalie Springuel

Borderland of the Present
by Catherine Schmitt and Tim Garrity

Corrigenda and Errata