*We have reached capacity for the Bean Supper Presentation. Digital Baked Bean Supper Cookbooks are still available for a $10 donation. A recording of the presentation can be sent to you*

When?: Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 6:00 pm

Where?: Zoom!

What?: 10th Annual Baked Bean Supper Presentation &  new digital Baked Bean Supper Cookbook.

Details: The Mount Desert Island Historical Society’s 10th annual Baked Bean Supper will still capture important elements of a traditional baked bean supper, but due to Covid-19 restrictions, the event will take place online instead of at MDI high school.  The Society has a fun lineup planned for the evening including locally beloved storytellers Earl Brechlin and Dennis Damon, who will entertain guests with stories old and new. Damon and Brechlin both collect stories to carry on a long tradition of gifted men and women who share our collective history through tales of adventure, humor, mishap, and even the occasional haunting. They will be joined by Dr. Bill Horner, founder of the Society’s bean supper, who will offer a humorous explanation of the gastronomical impact of consuming beans, and Sharon Joyce, owner of Ambrosia Cooking School and author of “A Culinary History of Downeast Maine,” who will share recipes and ingredients found among Downeast bean recipes. Participants are asked to share some of their tips and secrets for cooking the best beans, even if those are “beans from away.”

The digital Baked Bean Supper Cookbook features beloved recipes from community bakers who have donated their dishes over the past ten years. The cookbook includes many varieties of traditional New England baked beans, in addition to recipes of “beans from away,” brown bread, side dishes, pies, and cookies. We invite you to bake a dish in your home and join us for the virtual Zoom event.

Tickets include:

-A digital PDF copy of the Baked Bean Supper Cookbook

***Unfortunately,  we are at capacity and can now only offer the digital Cookbook. A recording of the presentation can be sent to you. ***

Ticket Cost: $10.00

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  • Price: $10.00