On May 10th, the MDI Historical Society will team up with the Barn Arts Collective for “The Vintage Classroom: A Day in the Sound Schoolhouse, 1895.” This interactive performance introduces participants to the history of Mount Desert Island at the turn of the 20th century. Led by schoolteacher Mrs. Abbott (Maude March) and a host of dynamic… Read More

George Gilpin, the Church Historian for the Southwest Harbor Congregational Church, believes he has found the answer to a mystery carved into a granite ledge at the Seawall area of Acadia National Park. The inscription crudely carved into a rock facing the sea appears to say, “1895 – 1900 CHH” or perhaps “1895 – 1900… Read More

The boards of fifteen local non-profit organizations that participated in a study of local historical archives are considering if they will form a “History Trust” governing body to oversee the next phase of the project. The History Trust will work to catalog, protect, and digitize the region’s archives and engage the community, especially students, in… Read More