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Mission Statement

Strategic Plan – 2019

2018 Annual Report

We envision an island-wide community working
together to promote appreciation of the histories of
Mount Desert Island.

Our mission is to foster meaningful engagement with
the histories of Mount Desert Island.

We value:
• Research and education in history
• Connection with the larger world of scholars
• Free access to opportunities for historical engagement
• Collaboration among institutions and individuals
• Shared resources to achieve common goals
• Respect for the dignity of cultures and traditions
• Creative approaches to historical engagement

Board of Directors & Staff

William Horner, MD, President | Bar Harbor

Michael Pancoe, MD | Vice President | Mount Desert

P. Hamilton Clark, Treasurer | Northeast Harbor

Rick Wheeler, Secretary | Bryn Mawr and Bernard

Ralph W. Stanley, President Emeritus | Southwest Harbor

Marion Stanley, Honorary Member | Southwest Harbor

Dru Colbert | Seal Harbor

Susan Edson | Bass Harbor

Elise Frank | Bar Harbor

Julia Gray | Orland

Kathy MacLeod | Bar Harbor

Jamie McKown | Bar Harbor

Tova Mellen | Portland

Nicole Ouellette | Bar Harbor

Ben Pierce | Seal Harbor

Anne Walmsley | Northeast Harbor

John Wilson | Sausalito and Northeast Harbor

Jonathan Winthrop | Boston and Mount Desert

Tim Garrity, Executive Director | Mount Desert

Leah Lucey, Administrative Coordinator | Bar Harbor


Tim Marathon startTim Garrity

Executive Director

Tim spent twenty-five years as a healthcare executive, and then decided he’d rather be a historian. In 2009 he enrolled in the University of Maine’s graduate program in History and worked as an interpretive ranger at Acadia National Park before landing his dream job as Executive Director of the Mount Desert Island Historical Society. Tim was awarded a Master of Arts degree in History in May 2014. Tim and his wife Lynn Boulger live in Somesville, and never cease to marvel at their good fortune to find each other and the beauty of life on Mount Desert Island.

Contact Tim about: Business questions, organizational data/information

Leah Lucey

Administrative Coordinator

Leah is excited to call Mount Desert Island her forever home. She recently settled in Town Hill after working for three years on Sailing Yachts between New England and the Caribbean. Prior to sailing, Leah worked as an Administrative Assistant in property management. In 2013, she graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor’s of Art, focusing on communication and public relations. Leah enjoys hiking, sailing, and yoga.

Contact Leah about: Events, membership renewals, publications, museums, and using properties as event venues

Patrick Callaway

Collections Coordinator

Dr. Patrick Callaway earned his Doctorate in History from the University of Maine in 2019.  His research focuses on the economic connections between the United States and the British Empire in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.  He earned is MA in History from Montana State University in 2008, and his BS in Secondary Education from the University of Montana-Western in 2005.

Outside of academia, his interests include hiking, experimenting in the kitchen with French and Portuguese cuisine (with mixed success), and classic movies.

Contact Patrick about: Research and collection items


Bill Horner|President
Michael Pancoe|Vice President
P. Hamilton Clark|Treasurer
Rick Wheeler|Secretary
Ralph Stanley|Pres. Emeritus
Marion Stanley|Honorary Member
Dru Colbert, Susan Edson, Elise Frank, Julia Gray, Kathryn MacLeod, Jamie McKown, Tova Mellen, Nicole Ouellette, Ben Pierce,  Anne Walmsley, John Wilson, Jonathan Winthrop

Julia Gray, Maureen Fournier, Gerry Vasisko, Betsy Hewlett, Michael Pancoe, Patrick Callaway (Admin), Leah Lucey (Support)

Collections Brown Bag

Betsy Hewlett, Maureen Fournier, Carolyn Ball

Bill Horner|President
Michael Pancoe|Vice President
Ham Clark|Treasurer
Rick Wheeler|Secretary
Ben Pierce|At Large
Michael Pancoe|At Large
Tim Garrity|Executive Director
Leah Lucey|Support

Dru Colbert (Chair), Roz Rea, Tim Garrity (Executive Director), Patrick Callaway (Staff), Leah Lucey (Support)

Ham Clark (Chair), Bill Horner, Elise Frank, Michael Pancoe, Tim Garrity (Executive Director), Leah Lucey (Staff)

Ben Pierce (Chair), Ham Clark, Bill Horner, Jonathan Winthrop, Rick Wheeler, Anne Walmsley, Tim Garrity (Executive Director), Leah Lucey (Support)

Susan Edson (Co-Chair), Kathy MacLeod (Co-Chair), Elise Frank, Nicole Ouellette, Bill Horner, Tim Garrity (Executive Director), Leah Lucey (Staff)

Michael Pancoe, Tova Mellen, Bill Horner, Ben Pierce, Dru Colbert, Ham Clark, Susan Edson, Kathy MacLeod, Tim Garrity (Executive Director)

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Board classes 2019

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Conflict of Interest Policy and Statement

Expectations of Board Members

2018 990 Tax Report

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