The Sound School House Research and Education Center 
373 Sound Drive
Mount Desert, ME  04660

The School House was opened in 1892 for the children of the quarrying and farming village of Sound.  The building was used as a school for 34 years, closing in 1926.  Until it was restored by the MDI Historical Society in 1999, it had served as a community center, a place for dances, suppers, and tag sales.  When the Historical Society restored the building, a curatorial wing was added. The Ralph W. Stanley Library and the Society's collections of historic objects, preserved in a temperature and humidity-controlled room, are located in this wing.

During the school year, "A School Day in 1894" is recreated for third and fourth grade students in the original classroom.

A visit to The Old Schoolhouse & Museum offers people of all ages an opportunity to step back in time and think about how education in a one-room school would differ from today's schooling.  

The Sound School House Research and Education Center is the place where our archives are kept in a fire-protected and climate-controlled vault, and it serves as a center for scholarship and educational programs.

The Old School House Days and Hours