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(updated 6 February 2015)


Welcome to the Genealogy of Mount Desert Island home page, part of the Mount Desert Island Cultural History Project.

Purpose of this web page: Many people are working on genealogies of various Mount Desert Island families, but there is much duplication of effort. The purpose of this web page is to provide an accessible source for genealogical information about Mount Desert Island families, including documentation when available, so that no one will have to “reinvent the wheel”. The web pages linked to below usually do not contain information about all descendents of the first resident by that name on Mount Desert Island. For example, if a son or daughter moved away, that person’s line is probably not followed. Instead, these pages are intended to illuminate relationships among people who are encountered when studying the history of Mount Desert Island.

How to contribute: All information (including images) should be e-mailed to or sent by traditional mail to MDI Genealogy, c/o Mount Desert Island Historical Society; P. O. Box 653; Mount Desert, ME 04660.

To begin exploring the genealogy of Mount Desert Island families, click on a surname below that you are interested in. Within each surname, family units are arranged alphabetically by the first name of the father (or single-parent mother). Links are provided to enable you to move up and down each lineage. When documentation becomes available, it will be posted with a link to it.

Abbott Ahlblad Albee/Allby Allen
Alley Andrews Arnold Ash
Atherton Babson Baer Baldwin
Bartlett Bernardini Berry Benson
Beverage Bickford Billings Bishop
Black Blanchard Booth Bowden
Bracy Branscom Bray Brewer
Brothers Brown Bunker Burns
Burr Butler Callahan Campbell
Candage Carpenter Carr Carroll
Carter Carver Chase Clark
Cleaves Clement Closson Colwell
Conners Corson Cousins Crane
Crockett Cunningham Davis Dawes
Day DeGregoire Dickens Dix
Doane Dodge Dolliver Dorr
Douglass Dow Doyle Dunbar
Durgin Eaton Ellis Emery
Erickson Eveleth Falt Farley
Farrar Farrell Farrin Fennelly
Fernald Finney Fish Flye
Fogg Fox Freeman Frost
Fuller Galley Garland Getchell
Gilbert Gilley Gilpatrick Goodridge
Googins Gott Grace Graten
Graves Gray Green Greening
Grindle Grover Hadley Hall
Hamblen Hamilton Hamor Harden
Harding Harper Havens Haynes
Heath Herlihy Herrick Higgins
Hinckley Hodgdon Hodgkins Holden
Holmes Hopkins Houghton Hull
Hutchinson Ingalls Jellison Johnson
Jordan Joyce Kelley Kench
Kenison Kief Kimball King
Kittredge Knowles Knox Ladd
Langley Latty Lawler Lawton
Lear Leffingwell Leland Lindsey
Liscomb Lopaus Lord Loring
Lunt Lurvey Lynam MacNaughton
Manchester March Marcyes Martin
Mason Mayo McFarland McKenzie
McMullin Merchant Milan Milliken
Mills Mitchell Monarch Moore
Morris Mullin Murch Murphy
Musetti Newman Nickerson Nilson
Norton Norwood Noyes Nutter
Ober Paine Parker Partridge
Peach Peckham Pendleton Peters
Pettingill Phillips Phippen/Phippin Pierce
Pomroy Pratt Pray Reath
Reed Remick Reynolds Rich
Richards Richardson Rinalda Robbins
Roberts Robertson Robinson Rodick
Rogers Romer Rumill Russell
Salisbury Sanford Sargent Savage
Sawyer Seavey Small Smallidge
Smith Snow Somes Soper
Southard Spear Sprague Spurling
Stan(d)ley Stanwood Staples Stevens
Stewart Stover Strout Sugatt
Suminsby Tarr Thomas Thompson
Thurston Tinker Torrey Tracy
Troy Tucker Turnbull Turner
Upton Verrill Wade Walls
Walton Ward Wasgatt Webster
Welch West White Whitmore
Whitney Wilcomb Wilson Wincey
Wood Young