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(updated 14 January 2014)

Welcome to the Williams genealogy. Family units are arranged alphabetically by the first name of the father (or single-parent mother). Links are provided to enable you to move up and down each lineage. To follow a line back in time (ancestors), click on the underlined portion of "(son of ...)" or "(dau. of ...)" beneath the name of the person you want to trace back. To follow a line forward in time (descendants), click on the name of the person whose offspring you want to see. A plus sign (+) following a name means that that person had one or more children, but that family group has not been added to this web page. A link to documentation and notes, when available, is given below each family.

All information, especially source material, for inclusion in this web page should be sent to or mailed to "Mount Desert Island Genealogy; Mount Desert Island Historical Society; P. O. Box 653; Mount Desert, ME 04660". And, of course, please report all errors.

If you wish to explore a different surname, click here for the current list of surnames.

Thank you to Annette Louise (Savage) Williams for her contributions to this page.


Orie Dewayne Williams
   m. 20 October 1973   Carmel, California
         Annette Louise Savage
               (dau. of Stanley Frederick Savage and Mary Louise Ward)
               b. 2 September 1954   Madera, California

   Jeffrey Sherman Williams   b. 24 January 1975   -   m. 31 December 2004   Clarence Center, New York   Lisa Marie Zurawski
   Rebecca Louise Williams   b. 31 May 1978   -   m. 19 June 1999   Jeffrey Brewer

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