Mount Desert Island Historical Society
Documentation for John Hamor and Mary Rodick


According to George E. Street in the 1926 edition of Mount Desert: A History, edited by Samuel A. Eliot,
"The first settler on the eastern half of the island was probably John Hamor, who came from Arundel, now Kennebunkport, in 1768. He brought his wife, Mary Rodick, and settled at Hull's Cove, which soon became and remained for many years the chief centre of settlement on the eastern shore. ... Hamor built his cabin where the M. L. Hamor house now stands. The next summer he started in his little vessel for his old home at Kennebunkport, and was never heard of again. His widow brought up the five children, and lived until May 31, 1814, when she was killed by an accident." (pages 150–152)
It was this Mary Hamor who paid five Spanish milled dollars to Bartholomy and Maria Theresa DeGregoire for 95 acres of land (in what is now Hulls Cove) on which she was "a settler" (Hancock County Registry of Deeds book 1, pages 434–435) and who was called "Widow Mary Hamour" on the 1807 Peters Plan, the map of the land granted to the DeGregoires by the General Court (i.e., legislature) of Massachusetts.